MYTH + MIRTH jewelry is both modern and meaningful.

Handcrafted wearable art and subtle statements for the self- expressive individual celebrating the beauty of imperfection, nature and story telling, while also proudly supporting small , Japanese family-run Chiyogami artisan studios , in an effort to help keep their beautiful, traditional paper making process thriving.

Inspired by the story telling Japanese artisans incorporate into their art and papers, is the end result  of MYTH + MIRTH.

Materials used are ethically and sustainably sourced from the USA, Japan, India, Thailand, Peru, Indonesia and Mexico . Materials used include handmade Ink, Silk Chiyogami Paper , Raw Brass , Repurposed Metals, Semi Precious Stones and Wood. 

The more organic and natural the material is, the better.

Each piece has it's own story, which is where the name Myth + Mirth originates from and will always result in an intentional , beautiful one-of-a- kind-piece.