Who we are

GYPSEA CARAVAN is a woman owned, socially-responsible, modern lifestyle shop for handcrafted apparel, accessories, jewelry, apothecary, incense and home .

We are dedicated to unique products, thoughtful design, and inspiring stories. Our focus is on small-batch offerings from global artisans, which are carefully and thoughtfully chosen, for self and home. 

We honor tradition, we celebrate craft and culture, value talent and skills, and respect each artists vision and story they share with us.

We share in the joy of supporting and empowering indigenous artisans, women and black owned businesses ,independent makers, farms and sustainable initiatives - both locally and globally.

We are about the connection of our mind, body, and soul to the powers of our planet, Universe and nature, as well as each other and local community.

Our name GYPSEA CARAVAN comes from two simple concepts - Free Spirit, and Movement.

We define that as: Those who wander for adventure, and in spiritual pursuit.

What We Offer

We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your natural wellness, modern , casual lifestyle and spiritual needs.

As firm believers of self-love and self-care, we carry a carefully chosen selection of non-toxic, responsibly-made, small-batch apothecary, beauty and wellness products.

We offer 100% natural , artisanal incense and smudging tools from around the world, which are ethically and sustainably sourced , and traditionally handcrafted with the finest ingredients for their healing and spiritual powers to enhance your natural wellness journey, fill your home and sacred space in high vibes, and to elevate your mood , while also performing a deep cleanse.

The root of everything that exists around us comes from deep within our planet and Universe, and what a truly remarkable gift that is.

From crystals and minerals - to plants and trees - to water and soil, we have natural healing, wellness, and power all around us.

With an abundant source of energy and plentiful resources surrounding us on the daily - personal and spiritual growth to our highest self is not so far away.

Other offerings include, unique apparel and accessories for comfort, yoga, festival goings, beach and casual laid-back style, and for every day wear.

We hope you connect with us through the products and service. We welcome you as friends, and appreciate your support.