GYPSEA CARAVAN contracts with Shopify for our payment services. They secure all credit card and personal information with AES-256 bit encryption. This is one of the highest levels of encryption for SSL transactions.

Why did your transaction not go through?

This can be a very simple problem from a mistake in entering the CVV code or billing zip code for the credit card. Please verify your card information and try again. It can also be a security feature from your bank or financial institution which a simple phone call to them should fix. You will not be charged if you do not get to the order confirmation page. 

Why was your credit card declined?

The common issues are usually caused by:

  • Wrong credit card details
  • Wrong CVV or CCV
  • Insufficient Funds
  • The card is expired

If those weren't the reason, many cases of denied payment happened because of the bank’s auto fraud prevention system. Since our company payment gateway is registered in USA but you are ordering from Canada, UK, Australia, etc., it could easily get flagged as fraud.

This is unfortunately beyond our ability to solve the issue. The only recommendation we can give is to contact the card issuer to help authorize the purchase.


Interested in wholesale partnership? 

We offer wholesale for GYPSEA CARAVAN Jewelry,Kimonos & Shrugs.

For wholesale questions and information, please email us at wholesale@gypseacaravan.com 


How to use your gift card.

Proceed to the checkout page and enter the gift card code in the text box (see image)


You can use multiple gift card codes if you have more than one. Just enter the code and click submit arrow and repeat for all other gift cards.

3. How to use you discount code.

Proceed to check out page and enter the coupon code in the text box (see image)


The system only allows one coupon/discount code per order.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

Please treat your gift card as you would treat your cash and keep in a safe place.

Gift cards that are purchased through the GypseaCaravan.com website or Brick & Mortar store are bearer documents. Gypsea Caravan is unable to reissue gift cards that have been lost or stolen.

Returning Items Purchased with a Gift Card

If you paid for your order on gypseacaravan.com using a gift card or e-gift card, a new e-gift card will be sent to the email address used on the order for the refund automatically once we receive the merchandise. If a gift card and a credit card were used to place the order, the credit card will be refunded first followed by a new e-gift card.

Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged.

Questions, feedback...?

We would love to hear from you! All feedback, inquiries, concerns, suggestions, reviews, ideas are welcomed. Contact us at hello@gypseacaravan.com

How to get discount codes? 

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