Care Instructions


Harem Pants/Aladdin Pants/Hmong Pants/ Sarongs

To keep your Harem/Aladdin/Hmong Pants and Sarongs in excellent condition, please hand wash cold and hang dry. Do no tumble dry to avoid shrinkage.  

If you must wash them in the washing machine, make sure that you use the lowest/delicate cycle ,cold water and wash with like colors to avoid color bleeding during initial wash.

You should also wash separately from other clothes or washing them in a laundry mesh bag will also protect them from getting damaged.

Do not bleach.

Pashmina Wraps/Shrugs/ Kimonos

All Pashminas should be Dry Cleaned only. If you absolutely must wash at home, please hand wash gently in cold water only.

Do not machine wash. Avoid excessive wringing. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Hang Dry only. Do not iron. 


Brass and silver oxidize naturally with time and contact with the skin and patina naturally, however if you choose to keep your Brass and Silver shining, simply use a jewelry polishing pad. We prefer Pro Polishing Pads from Rio Grande over polishing cloths, or wash it with a bit of lemon juice or vinegar to bring back the metal color, shining and bright.

Bolos / Repurposed Jewelry

All hand painted jewelry is coated with clear non toxic vocs to extend the wear of your jewelry and add an additional layer of protection and durability from paint chipping, please avoid excessive rubbing of painted surfaces while cleaning.

Gently spot clean with a dry jewelry cloth. 

To clean posts or ear wires, gently use an alcohol pad.

To remedy the curling of leather cordage of your bolo tie, hang bolo on doorknob overnight to straighten.

The heavy weighted bolo tips will remedy the situation quickly and perfectly.


Chiyogami jewelry is made with silkscreened paper and Brass, which is coated with non toxic vocs to extend the wear of your jewelry and make each piece water resistant, not water proof. 

As with all jewelry, you should avoid bathing and swimming ,especially while wearing your Chiyogami jewelry as Chiyogami is paper.

To clean paper Chiyogami side, use a soft dry cloth to spot clean and Pro Polishing pads to clean reverse Brass side. 



Each Shibori piece is individually hand-dyed and made in a small batch at a time. Each batch can have a slightly different color or pattern variation. This means your product is as unique as you are!

Wash in cold water by hand, with like colors-or machine gentle cycle.

Please wash your garment alone as colors may may bleed slightly during first wash.

Line dry. Steam iron.